Warning From Previous Post (Based on the True Story)

Sharing is Caring or Sharing is Sexy..?!

Malaysia Day holidays ago, on 16 September 2010, Thursday. Me and Run out for lunch at the Pasar Besar next Filipin Market in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. After lunch we went to the car park adjacent to the Pasar Besar. After entering the car, suddenly a man knocked on the car window from the outside. At first, I thought it was a Run's friend, but it looks wrong. That person looks to sell Nokia E71 mobile phone.

The incident occurred too quickly. The men really want to ask for help because he really need money to back his hometown. At the first, the man put the price of RM500. But we don't want, cause don't have much money that time. Next, the man put the price of RM300 (wow.. The price is too low for the Nokia E71) but we also don't have that much money. Finally, the man offering the lowest price, he asked how much money you have now?

Finally, we bought the phone with the price of RM280. Whatever the incident is occurring so fast. I'm not feeling good from the start, but since the price is too low, then we buy it. During the exchange of items, i said to him about the phone memory card. The man told that, the memory card is inside the phone and leave us away after he got the money.

During our trip to the Centre Point Sabah - shopping complex, I check the phone. Apparently we are deceived. There is no memory card inside the phone. Run told me, it's OK, the price is too low, will buy a memory card later and use our old charger to charge soon. I continue check, again..the phone has no wifi and 3G. Confirm we are cheated again!!! Actually, we brought the Nokia E71 made in China. HaHaHa… The Mobile phone seller in the Centre Point tells us, the lowest price for the Nokia E71 made in China is RM300. HeHeHe .. OK la tu, RM280 without memory card and charger. LOL. Funny juga la.. Its Ok..Siapa Suruh.. kotoh! Niway, mau jual balik sudah..

Sesal kemudian tidak berguna..

Here, the first testing camera of Nokia E71 made in China (3.2 Megapixel – Highquality setting) without editing.

During me focus makan roti canai pucat.

The lazy posing by me, but still keep smiling and this is my Garfield Face ever.

P/S: For out there, PLEASE DON'T sembarangan (Main Hentam) saja beli barang. Jangan mudah tertipu. Untuk tolong orang susah tu, Sometimes ok la..Besar pahalanya..Upahmu besar di surga. hehe..



  1. waakakakakakak..adei kasian bah , kim salam sama si run...lama sudah nda pigi jumpa dia.

  2. That's a lesson to be learned ;-) Tapi yang allow itu stranger cakap sama kamu di kereta pun a bit dangerous juga kan, who knows he have any bad intention to you guys? Palis2 jauh2.. Hehe!

    Thanks for sharing this ;)

  3. No Problem alex, ko balik Sabah nanti bolehlah kamu keluar minum sama-sama.Tapi bagi saya join, kalau anda sudilah. hehe

    AnnieMing~♥ yalah..memang dangerous juga that time. That stranger man juga really menakutkan. Looks like a fat pilak, Opps~ hehe..nasib baik tidak ada apa-apa yang tidak baik berlaku. Thanks God :)

  4. Haha, a good lesson to learn, thanks for sharing. The good thing about it is that you didn't waste too much.

  5. Haaa..itu laa.. so motive of the story, never take pictures during makan roti canai hehe.
    Anyway, I'm comin to KK for holiday.. probably by end of this year. Hopefully u can show me the place u makan that roti canai. Looks yummy.. tenkiu.

  6. jual balik lagi untung manyak maaaah hehhe


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