Half Day

Today, i go to office with "mata bengkak",
My friend said, "Better you go clinic, take MC".

But me, confused! I want to "Lepak-Lepak" with my Blogger friends before Holidays. When i reached at my department, i saw all my friends with BIG smile "senyum sampai telinga".

They ask me,"You already read you email?"
huh..Not yet. No mood today.. "mata bengkak".
My friend said, "Today, Half Day working.. Yess!!"

OMG.. me So HAPPY "bukan tahap gaban, ini tahan Ultraman Cosmo sudah!!"
hehe.. Joking only. So, on this occasion I would like to wish..

to all my muslim friends, wherever you are..

Ramadhan berakhir Syawal pun menjelma,
Tak sabar menyambut ketibaan sanak saudara,
Mercun dan tawa memeriahkan suasana,
Kalau nak beraya berhati-hatilah di jalan raya.
[by; gadie]

P/S: My blog apply leave during this Raya. Hehe.. See you again after Raya. Yang memandu balik kampung tu, berhati-hati di jalan raya. Yang main mercun tu, hati-hati jangan sampai terkena mercun pula.

I need to submit my work today, before noon. Take care and Happy holidays!


  1. Huah bestnya half day of working. I can feel the excitement ;-) Happy holidays, Rosina!

  2. hehe..Happy holidays too my dear AnnieMing. So excited ni, 40 minutes left..huhu~

  3. Bah, happy holiday...uh! jeles nya sy ko halfday...where I have to work fullday...uhuhu!

  4. Selamat hari raya and happy holiday to you too XD

  5. Thanks Faizal n Fashitah..selamat hari raya & happy holiday too^^
    Wayne Ren..rabu & khamis cuti lagi kn? huhu..


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