Senyum²... HEheHehE~~


Siapa Ini???

Seorang lelaki menelepon hospital untuk memberitahu yang isterinya mau bersalin. Dan jururawat hospital menjawab telepon lelaki tersebut.

Lelaki: "Hello... tolong saya sebab isteri saya mau bersalin!"
Jururawat: "Sila bertenang... ini anaknya yang pertama kah?"
Lelaki: "Apa la punya bangang... ni laki dia la!"
Jururawat: "Erkkk..."

_______________________ ~*~_______________________

Malu Sesangat...

Seorang wanita muda telah ter'bersalin' di dalam sebuah lif. Dia pun malu macam mau gila dan tak mahu kuar dari lif itu. Pihak pengurusan bangunan pun memanggil polis, bomba dan psychologist untuk pujuk dia keluar. Psychologist tu pun cakap lah, "Cik... keluar lah... apa mau malu-malu... perkara biasa ja ni." Wanita muda yang terbersalin itu pun menjawab, "Tak mau, tak mau, saya malu." Psychologist itu menambah, "Alah cik... tahun lepas saya ada 1 kes lagi teruk... pompuan tu beranak dalam longkang!!" Mendengarkan kata-kata Psychologist tu ja, wanita muda tu terus meraung bagai mau gila lalu berkata, "Yang tu pun saya jugaaaa, uhwaaa..!!!"

P/s: Moral of this story..lawak² pun..the baby still born, still ada mama kan *smile

~~ L.0.L hahaha~!!!

Facebook OH Facebook

10 reasons you addicted to your facebook~~♥


  1. You want to see the response from your facebook friends about your post .
  2. Do you want to update your status more than twice a day.
  3. OMG, I have new photos today! So, you want to change your profile picture, twice a week shall be no problem.. and tagged my photos to all my friends.
  4. Farmville, Mafia Wars, Premier Football... etc, games on facebook! I need to harvest my chilli, I need to train my players, I need to feed my fish.. Urghh..!!! If I did not play my games in a day, my friends will lead my level..hmmm
  5. WOW, I've changed my relationship status, my friends would check and respond its. Hohoho.. I Like.. Hey World! I'm In LOVE... LOLs!
  6. When I feel happy, sad, stupid, frustrated, angry, broken heart, engaged, married, get a new lover, and so on. I must post to my wall, let everyone knows, let the whole world knows, I like... errrrrr..
  7. I love facebook, I can find my old friends. Long time, no see..
  8. Hehe.. I found my secret admire on facebook ..
  9. Broken hearts..? sad but it does not matter, “All the Small Things” I just have to change my relationship status to single, so everyone will knows I am available now, so finding a successor is bit easier.. huhuhu
  10. Wedding invitation card? Birthday card? No more.. I can wish “Happy Birthday” to my friends on facebook, or create new event to invite friends to my wedding.. so, less expenses..

10 reasons why you do not like your facebook~~!


  1. You and your lover have a facebook, unfortunately your lover does not change your relationship status to "in a relationship". or your lover does not tagged your name on their status.
  2. You always check your lover's facebook. Many fans comment and post something on your lover's wall. You feel very jealous, if possible, you want to tick off all your lover's fans.
  3. Every time your lover post something into your wall, that she always miss and love you. While you stay together everyday. You do not feel comfortable, sometimes you feel reluctant to post comments, not mean you do not love, but you think, that things like a childish.

  4. None of your friends give respond or comment on your posts. Hehehe ..
  5. You already have a new lover, but your ex-lover always stir you on facebook. Post something to your wall that he wants you to come back.. you feel so uncomfortable.
  6. Your friends always tagged their photos to you! Sometimes they tagged your childhood photos, they also tagged your candid photos.. gosh..! you don't like!
  7. You do not play games on facebook, unfortunately, your friends always post something to your wall to request your assistance in their game. So many post, until your wall full of their post.. grrr....
  8. You are too busy with work, so you do not have a time to update your games. you may have missed a level from your friends. Very sad.. You don't want to play again, give up already... ekekeke
  9. Your husband chating with another woman on facebook..!!! tutt.. tuuuutt..
  10. Your parents always interfere in your facebook.. not spoting..LOLs

Hahaha.. Please don't angry. No matter what, the Facebook is very user friendly. If You don't like, you can change your settings on account privacy . Block your unwanted friends or whatever you want. I have blocked my facebook in office, and now my turn to blogging. Hey World! Hey Blog.. You are my Life now ..

~~just joking^^

How to block UNWANTED websites to your all web browser..

If your office does not allow you to browse several web pages in your office, but does not block websites on your proxy server is a better you block the website in your own browser. But, how?

If you are using Windows XP, follow the steps as follows:

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
  2. Click Command Prompt This will open a DOS command window.
  3. Type: notepad C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts
  4. Locate the line localhost
  5. To block the website for example, just add this text under localhost:

Click Start >> My Computer >> Local Disk (C:) >> WINDOWS >> system32 >> drivers >> etc >> hosts

Open hosts with Notepad, then edit hosts like this... localhost

You can add as many sites any site, However you will need to prefix it with "".

Finally, don't forget to Save the file!

Facebook will now be blocked in all your web browser. This is an advanced but easy method on how to blow a website.

~so, don't forget to JOIN us, NO facebook in office^^


Miley Cyrus
Forgiveness and L♥ve lyrics

Imagining you're far away
Just searching for the words to say
I feel it when you fall apart
Our lives are a greatest art

I don't wanna change your mind
Coz i accept you for everything you are and will be
Stay here with me now

The only thing that are hearts are made of
Are the acts of forgiveness and love
The only thing real when push comes to shove
Are the acts of forgiveness and love
Coz in the end no one loses or wins
The story begins again and again
With forgiveness and love

You don't ever have to read my mind
You can see it when you close your eyes
Don't believe it when you loose your fate
Another moment is a moment away

I can't tell you what the future holds
Or how to live
All i know is what feels right lights up my life again and again

The only thing that are hearts are made of
Are the acts of forgiveness and love
The only thing real when push comes to shove
Are the acts of forgiveness and love
Coz in the end no one loses or wins
The story begins again and again
With forgiveness and love

Let's jump the start
Let's find forever
Where does the time go?
Just live your life
You'll get another today, today, today
Forgiveness and love

Coz in the end no one loses or wins
The story begins again and again
With forgiveness and love

Let's jump the start.... (fade to end)
♥♥♥~~enjoy the song^^

♥ mum ♥ child ♥ dad ♥

Song 4 my BeLoVeD Parents ~~♥♥♥
 Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyru - Butterfly Fly Away .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Miley Cyrus & Billy Ray Cyrus
Butterfly Fly Away lyrics
Songwriters: Ballard, Glen; Silvestri, Alan;

You tucked me in, turned out the light
Kept me safe and sound at night
Little girls depend on things like that

Brushed my teeth and combed my hair
Had to drive me everywhere
You were always there when I looked back

You had to do it all alone
Make a living, make a home
Must have been as hard as it could be

And when I couldn't sleep at night
Scared things wouldn't turn out right
You would hold my hand and sing to me

Caterpillar in the tree
How you wonder who you'll be
Can't go far but you can always dream

Wish you may and wish you might
Don't you worry, hold on tight
I promise you there will come a day
Butterfly fly away

Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away
Flap your wings now you can't stay
Take those dreams and make them all come true

Butterfly fly away, butterfly fly away
We've been waiting for this day
All along and knowing just what to do
Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly, butterfly fly away

Butterfly fly away
Butterfly fly away
♥♥♥~~like daughter and father^^